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Meshtel Prototype Phone Case


For this project, I had to design a case for a prototype cell phone.  The prototype cell phone included prototype printed circuit boards, a battery, an RF transmitter board with antenna, and a Nokia keypad.  

I drew all of the existing parts in Solidworks first, then I designed a case around them.  I wanted to use minimal material to make it as small as possible, but I splurged and put in a logo and some other fancy extras.  I knew the battery would have to be taken in and out a lot, so I split the back cover into two parts; the top one held down by four plastite screws since it would rarely be removed, and the bottom attached with two tabs that slip underneath the top cover, and a 4-40 screw into a metal nut, pressed into a hex-shaped hole.  The 4-40 screw could be taken in and out many times, since it threaded into metal instead of plastic, allowing the battery to be replaced regularly with no damage to the case. 

My Solidworks Models

Parts Grown in Rapid Prototyping Machine